OC Hoops
Buckets by the Beach!
Covid-19 protocall

  1. All basketballs will be cleaned and disinfected daily as will all pinnies.

  2. Campers can bring their own water bottles. Tables will be set up with spaces for each camper.

  3. Campers can purchase water or Gatorade and their bottles will be marked with their names.

  4. Campers will be prohibited from licking their fingers or spitting on the court. Any repeated and deliberate violation of that policy will result in removal from camp.

  5. Campers cannot share cups or water bottles.

  6. Campers will be required to use hand sanitizer before the start of each camp session. Coaches will help direct campers to our hand sanitizer table.

  7. Campers will be instructed to keep proper social distancing in all pre and post camp group instruction.

  8. Any situations that call for campers to be in line will require proper social distancing.

  9. Campers will not be allowed to use cell phones on their person during camp hours. The cell phones must be kept in their camp bag and can only be used in the event of emergency.

  10. Campers will be assigned to a specific group on the first day of camp and must stay in that group throughout the whole camp week.

  11. Each camper is required to bring a face mask and have it on at check in as well as on when they leave. Face masks will not be required to be worn during drills and activities. In the event that a specific situation or drill makes social distancing difficult, participants will be asked to put on their face mask. If a participant chooses not to wear a face mask when required, he or she will be required to sit out for that specific activity.

  12. We will provide extra masks for anyone who forgets or misplaces their masks during camp.

  13. We will have digital forehead thermometers at camp to take campers temperature if needed. We will alert parents immediately if we have a high temp reading.

  14. Parents are invited to stay or visit camp at any time but must follow proper social distancing and hand sanitizing protocol.